Cheap Car Insurance for Women

Auto insurers base auto rates on many factors including your age, your sex, where you live, your driving record, your credit score and the make and model of car you are driving. The Institute for Highway Safety has reported that men typically engage in higher risk driving than women. Men use seat belts less than women, more men drive after drinking than women and men more often drive over the speed limit than women. Statistically men are more likely than women to be in an accident involving a death than women.

This means all other risk factors being equal there is a better chance of finding cheapest full coverage car insurance for women than men.

How to find cheap car insurance for women

The best way to find a good price for auto insurance is to compare quotes for the insurance you are interested in purchasing from numerous insurance companies.

The easiest way to find multiple quotes from a wide variety of insurers is to use a free online auto insurance quote website. This free online auto insurance website has a single quote request form. The site will submit the request on your behalf to large national auto insurance companies as well as smaller regional and specialty auto insurers. This will give you the best chance of finding an insurer that will offer you the most affordable insurance deal for your unique situation.

What you need to know to request cheap car insurance for women

The first thing you need to know to make a request for an auto insurance quote is what types of auto insurance coverage you want to purchase. You also should know what insurance limits you want your policy to include and what deductibles you want to establish.

There are several types of auto insurance coverage. Some are mandatory by state law and some are optional. The mandated insurance coverage and limits varies by state.

Bodily injury and property liability insurance are required in most states. Minimum mandated liability coverage is established by state law and is different in each state. You can find the minimum required liability coverage in your state by checking the website of the state agency that issues driver’s licenses.

Cheap Car InsuranceBodily injury liability insurance pays for the medical and related expenses of others caused by an accident for which you are determined to be at fault. If the costs of the medical and related expenses arising from the accident exceed your liability insurance limits you are personally responsible for the expenses above those the insurance covers.

The mandated liability limits are generally very low. Most drivers determine for their own financial wellbeing they need to purchase more than the mandated minimum.

Property liability insurance pays for repairs to vehicles or property of others damaged in an accident you cause. The mandated minimum coverage required by most states is relatively low. If the damage caused results in expenses that exceed the limits of the property liability insurance policy you will be personally liable for the remaining expenses. Most drivers are more comfortable carrying more than the required minimum.

Driving without the mandated limits of liability insurance is not advisable. You can lose your driver’s license and face fines and penalties if you are stopped for a traffic violation or if you are in an accident and cannot provide proof of insurance coverage.

Not carrying sufficient liability coverage can be a financial disaster. If you are in a serious accident your personal liability for expenses resulting from the accident above the limits of your liability insurance coverage can be substantial. Responsibility for expenses from a serious accident can put your assets and financial wellbeing at risk. Liability insurance is not a good place to try and reduce your auto insurance costs. There are better options where you can save money on your auto insurance costs.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance is a good investment especially if you do not have a good health insurance policy to pay for injuries you sustain in an accident with a motorist who does not have insurance or has insufficient insurance to cover your medical costs. Some states require motorists to carry a minimum amount of uninsured motorist insurance. You may want to carry more than the required amounts depending on what other insurance you already have in place.

Medical and personal injury insurance pays for your medical and related expenses if you are injured in an accident. A few states require motorists to carry a minimum amount of medical insurance as a part of their auto insurance package. If you already have a good health insurance policy that is sufficient to pay for medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident you may not want to add a medical coverage to your auto insurance package. Adding medical coverage to your auto insurance package may only duplicate benefits you already have through your health insurance. Review your health insurance coverage and if you are comfortable that adding medical insurance to your auto insurance is not necessary you will be able to lower your auto insurance costs.

Collision and comprehensive auto insurance provides for repairs or replacement of the insured vehicle. Collision and comprehensive insurance are optional in all states. It is totally the motorist’s decision to add collision and comprehensive insurance to their auto insurance policy or to forgo this coverage.

Collision insurance pays for repairs to or replacement of the insured vehicle following an accident with another vehicle.

Comprehensive insurance pays for repairs to or replacement of the insured vehicle needed after the vehicle is damaged by a natural disaster like a storm, or if the vehicle is damaged in a fire or damaged by vandals. Comprehensive insurance also covers replacement of the vehicle if it is stolen. When purchasing a comprehensive policy the insured needs to read the policy closely. Only damages caused by the listed risks in the policy are covered.

When determining the financial value of purchasing collision and comprehensive insurance it is helpful to consider the fair market value of the insured vehicle. If the vehicle is not worth very much you may decide you are comfortable repairing or replacing the vehicle out of your own funds rather than paying an annual premium for collision and comprehensive insurance.

If you have a loan secured by the insured vehicle be sure to check your financing agreement before deciding not to purchase collision and comprehensive insurance. Many loans required the vehicle securing the loan be covered by collision and comprehensive insurance for the life of the loan.

If you purchase collision and comprehensive insurance you will have to establish a deductible. A higher deductible will lower the cost of collision and comprehensive insurance. The deductible is the amount the insured pays from their own funds if they file a claim before the insurance kicks in and pays the remainder of the costs for repairs or replacement of the vehicle. While setting a $1000 deductible will significantly lower your insurance costs do not set a deductible so high you will be unable to pay it if you have to file an insurance claim.

Towing and vehicle replacement insurance are also optional coverage that many motorists determine they can do without if not adding this coverage to their policy reduces their insurance costs.

Tips for finding cheap car insurance for women

There are other steps consumers can take to find cheap car insurance for women in addition to comparison-shopping for the best auto insurance prices.

One way to save on auto insurance costs is to pay your entire annual insurance premium at the beginning of the year. When you pay your auto insurance in twelve monthly payments the insurer will charge a service fee for spreading the insurance premium payments out over the year.

The type of vehicle you drive will have an impact on the premium you will pay. You can find average car insurance rates for the different makes and models of cars online or by checking with your insurer. Vehicles with a higher safety rating, vehicles that are not expensive to repair, cars that are not statistically likely to be a target of thieves and cars that are not built to go fast will have lower auto insurance premiums.

A vehicle with extra safety and anti-theft devices will lower your insurance rates. Parking in a garage at night rather than on a street will also lower your insurance rates. Safety and anti-theft devices and parking in a garage lowers your risk of serious injury in an accident and lowers the risk of theft and vandalism. Lower risk translates into lower auto insurance premiums.

If you want to find cheap car insurance for women ask about premium discounts insurers you are considering may offer. You may never be aware of discounts you may qualify for if you do not ask insurers about discounts available.

Common premium discounts include multi-policy discounts and multi-vehicle discounts. Most insurers offer discounts to those who purchase more than one insurance policy through the same insurer. So if you purchase your homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance through the same insurer as your auto insurance you will likely be able to reduce your insurance costs. Multi-vehicle premium discounts are available to motorists who insure more than one vehicle with an insurer.

There are also “no claims discounts” available to consumers who have not filed a claim for the past 3 or sometimes in the past 5 years. These discounts can save motorists substantial costs for auto insurance. No claims discounts make it worthwhile not to file an insurance claim for minor repairs. The cost of paying for minor repairs from your own funds can be cheaper than losing a no claims discount on your auto insurance for the next 3 to 5 years.

Other premium discounts are available, for example, many insurers offer good student discounts, safe driver training discounts, low mileage premium discounts and affiliate discounts.

Good student discounts are available from many insurers if you are a full time student with a grade point average of B or better. There are also safe driver training discounts available from some insurance companies if you have successfully completed a drivers’ training course from an organization approved by the insurer. Both of these are easy ways to lower auto insurance costs. All you have to do is ask your insurer if they have these discounts and what documentation you have to provide to qualify for the discounts.

Motorists who drive less than the average driver present less risk to insurers. Less risk means less cost for your insurance. Ask insurers if they offer low mileage discounts if you live close to your school or work or if you car pool or take public transportation most days.

Probably the most overlooked premium discounts are the affiliate discounts. Many insurers have affiliate relationships with fraternal and professional associations and not-for-profit and social organizations, which provide members of the associations, and organizations with substantial savings when they purchase auto insurance. Ask associations and organizations you belong to if they have an affiliate relationship with an insurer and check with insurers from which you are considering buying your auto insurance for a list of organizations and associations with which they have affiliate relationships.

Checking out insurers which offer cheap car insurance for women

Once you have received your auto insurance quotes and found those insurers which offer cheap car insurance for women you should make a list of two or three insurers offering the best auto insurance deal in your unique situation.

Do a little more research before making your final decision as to which insurer to use. Check into the insurers’ reputation for customer service and claims processing. A great auto insurance deal is not a good deal if the insurer you select is more interested in denying legitimate claims or cutting corners to save a little money on claims repairs.

You can ask family and associates if they have had policies with insurers you are considering and if so what their opinion of the company’s customer and claims service is. You can also check with local body shops that often have done claims repairs for multiple insurers. Employees and owners of local body shops are a great source of information about which insurance company representatives are easy to work with and which are difficult.

J D Powers and Associates is an independent rating agency that publishes the results of an annual survey of insurance consumers’ satisfaction with their current insurers. If an insurer is highly rated by J D Powers the company will often publish the rating on their website. You can also find all of the ratings on the J D Powers’ website.

Another good source of current customer satisfaction is your state insurance regulator’s website. State insurance regulators often publish information about consumer complaints filed against insurance companies. It an insurance company you are considering has a high number of complaints relative to the number of policies they issue it is an indication that current customers of the company are not happy with the company’s customer and claims service.

It is worth a little time to ensure you are not only getting a good financial deal but an insurer who will take care of you if you have to file a claim.